Just One Earth

We only have one earth. Let's save it. 🌏🔥

A collection of visualizations and games to show our species' impact on on our planet.

Hide Feed

Get things done without distractions.

A Chrome extension that protects your focus by hiding distracting feeds and replacing them with images you'll love.

Hide Likes

A Chrome extension that hides likes everywhere.

Helps you focus on authenticity over approval and substance over popularity.


A Chrome extension that helps you be more intentional about how you spend your time online.

I've found it to be ridiculously effective at cutting down the time I get distracted by sites like YouTube and Reddit and helping me spend my time well.

Music Apps

A collection of apps to help me practice guitar, singing, and ear training.

Intern Playbook

An online course and community to help tech interns succeed at their internships. In the course, I share the most important things I learned from interning at Facebook, Twilio, HackNY, and Google and from talking to former interns and intern managers across the industry.

Web Timer

A Chrome extension that automatically keeps track of how you spend your time online so you'll know when you browse Reddit for five hours straight. In 2016, I sold Web Timer when it had 70,000 users, but the new owner began injecting affiliate links and abusing the extension. I reported the extension to Google, and when it was taken down (RIP), I uploaded a clean copy.

Campus Anonymous

A platform for anonymous, one-on-one conversations built with Akshay Kumar so students can openly talk with their peers about anything, ranging from procrastinating on work to struggling with depression. Initially launched as Tigers Anonymous just for Princeton students and later expanded to all Ivy League students.


An iOS app that notifies you when you're within two minutes of walking distance from a friend so you can run over and give them a hug, take paparazzi pictures from afar to creep them out, etc. The killer feature was letting you spam them with notifications that say 👋 so they know you're serious about waving at them.


An iOS game modeled after Spacewar!, one of the earliest computer games that was developed in 1962.


A social experiment where I gave up my web privacy and redirected people to whatever website I happened to be looking at when they visited a special URL. Risky clicks dropped by 9000%.

Unbreak Now

A way for users to collaboratively voice their concerns about changes to products and services by tweeting a link to an issue, where the people responsible could respond and have a public dialogue with the community. Mostly used by my friends to voice their thoughts about my personal life and the Unbreak Now website itself so it was clearly a wild success.


An iOS app built with Harvest Zhang and Raymond Zhong that used the permission model of phone calls for location sharing: Send a notification when someone requests their friend's location, and if the request is accepted, share both people's locations to each other in real-time until one of them ends the session.

Princeton FML

Princeton had an FML ("F My Life") site where students anonymously posted short and funny musings about their lives. It mysteriously disappeared one day, and I built a replacement.


A chat room for Princeton students that was the first of many social products. It developed a small, loyal following through which I met some great friends.


Snake game built using HTML5 and Javascript.

Email Bin

A simple way to collect email addresses when you slap a pretty marketing page together to determine public interest.

Cannon Club Website

WordPress site built for Cannon Club, a Princeton eating club (think co-ed fraternity).

Roaring 20 Website

Website built for Roaring 20, the co-ed a capella group I sang with at Princeton. I promise we sounded better than the website looks.

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