DK the Human


Jul 30
Reflections on 26
May 22
Expanding Our Circle
May 11
I'll Be Happy When
May 03
The Meaning of Life
Apr 26
The Big Launch
Apr 19
Receiving Kindness
Apr 04
Three Months in Silence
Jun 08
the betterment of well people
Psychedelic experiences
Apr 25
the buddha in the jungle
Retreat at an ashram in India
Apr 09
after the silence
Retreat at Pa Auk Meditation Center in Myanmar
Mar 15
before the silence
Apr 26
Getting Strangled by Strangers
Fifty Shades of Getting Your Ass Beat
Apr 03
the joys of life in japan
nihongo wakarimasen
Feb 28
Cooking Misadventures: Vegetarian Mapo Tofu
Do people put powdered sugar on corn?
Feb 26
A weekend when I met a woman trying to reunite with her mentors after 35 years
Jan 07
Dear Mom
A letter written to my mom after visiting her grave for the first time, 17 years after her death
Sep 03
Supercasual Money Tips for New Grads
Oct 13
May 10
Apr 21
The Party
Mar 31
A short story about circumcision
Feb 18
The Pen
Sep 01
Aug 30
Year Off in Review (Aug 2012 - Dec 2012)
May 12
Mother’s Day Without Mother
Snapshots of losing my mom and my grandma, the women who raised me
Mar 14
Traveling, the Art of Hit or Miss and the Occasional Bullseye
Mar 14
“Where are you from?”
Mar 09
Water and Piss, In That Order
Feb 23
Sounds Inside a Hostel Room at 5am
Feb 09
Ramblings Aboard a Moving Prison
Feb 07
Until Next Time, SF
Feb 06
How I Wake Up
Feb 05
Pursuit of Perfection
Jan 25
Moments with Strangers
A day of memorable encounters with strangers around San Francisco
Jan 02
Bus Ride from SF to LA
Jan 01
Goals for 2013
Dec 14
Politicization and Demonization
Dec 13
Introduction to Photography: Exposure
Dec 11
My High School Graduation Speech
Dec 10
Why You Should Intern At A Big Company
Dec 07
Art and Ego
Dec 05
A Short Chapter
Dec 04
Canvassing: How to Respond to Rebuttals
Nov 28
Rejection, Rejection, Rejection
Nov 28
How to Borrow a Stranger’s Phone
Nov 26
A New Chapter
Nov 25
Pale Blue Dot
Nov 23
The Secret to Waking Up Early
Nov 22
Lessons from a Fire Escape
Nov 20
My First (and Last?) Piercing
Nov 19
When I Inevitably Die
Nov 17
Why haven’t you started your blog?
Nov 17
Nov 15
A breakdown of how I was talked out of $100
An analysis of how an effective salesman at a mall kiosk sold me $100 worth of beauty care products
Nov 14
First Time: Tanning
Nov 13
“I’ll put the CD in your bag anyway. God forbid.”
Nov 09
“I’ll take you to Nashville sometime”
Nov 01
Winding Down the FMLs
Oct 05
Dear Grandma
Oct 04
Oct 03
Oct 01
Leaping out of my comfort zone
Sep 29
Yellow Cab
Sep 25
A Question Mistaken For A Cry For Help
Sep 24
Lucid Dreaming
Sep 21
Sep 10
My Favorite Sandwich in the World
Sep 10
Avocado Deviled Eggs
Sep 08
Dead Simple Email Collection
Sep 06
How I Make Covers on YouTube
Sep 05
Sep 05
Curry and Rice
Sep 03
Small Things, Big Things
Aug 31
The Sleeper
Aug 30
First Encounter
Aug 30
My New Baby
Aug 27
Who are you writing for?
Jun 18
How I Won $1000 in 3 Minutes
May 20
The Battle for PrincetonFML
Apr 04
Dear Startups
Apr 03
Unplug Yourself
Mar 29
Simplicity is King
Mar 28
Rethinking Settings
Mar 27
Dear Professor
Mar 26
The State of Mobile Gaming
Mar 25
Being Wrong