DK the Human

Water and Piss, In That Order

There are many customs I love about European countries in contrast to the States, a few being the metric system, great public transit, tipping being what it should be, a sensible drinking age, and paying exactly the price listed on items instead of having to calculate sales tax.

There are also some things I dislike like ending up with 20 pounds of coins in my pocket (this is only a pun in the UK) and design inconsistencies having to do with light switches where sometimes you have to press on the lower end of a switch to turn something on and sometimes you have to press up top although this probably exists in the States too and I just haven’t encountered it.

But there are two pet peeves which completely take the cake and are offensive to me as a human being:

  1. Many restaurants will refuse to serve you tap water. In the Netherlands, I ate at a sushi restaurant that required customers to purchase at least one beverage. Okay, not a fan but not entirely unreasonable. The most inexpensive form of water I could get was a small bottle costing 2.50 EUR ($3.25). After finishing the bottle, I asked the waiter if I could get tap water since I met their beverage purchase requirement, to which he replied, “Sorry, we don’t serve tap water.” Bathroom sink it is.

  2. In many places, you have to pay to use the restroom. Pissing your money away is no fun.