DK the Human

Lucid Dreaming

And suddenly I was aware that I was no longer dreaming. But not awake, either. Stuck in the middle of a delicate balancing act, on top of a tower of spinning cups and platters about to come down crashing down any second. I feel my white, puffy pillow underneath my head – don’t focus! Somehow, I have come to possess the latent knowledge that focusing will only destroy the balance.

It’s a dance, one in which I must stay awake enough to be able to control my dream but must also stay asleep enough to stay in it. It’s a constant tug of war, and I want to stay fixed right in the middle so that I can live out all of my fantasies (and I hear that you can learn new things and even practice skills, too?) forever. But alas, I slip. Which way do I fall? I am no longer in control.