DK the Human

My Favorite Sandwich in the World

The tomato, mozzarella, basil sandwich has got to be my favorite sandwich in the world.

Meet the Ingredients


Cost: $18


  1. Slice stuff
  2. Make sandwich

It’s pretty easy, actually.





This sandwich is the bomb. My version was pretty solid, but I’m going to miss eating the ones served at Frist in Princeton. Those sandwiches were incredible. Also, this sandwich should have a simple name for it so that it’s easier to order. “Can I have the magic sandwich?” sounds so much better and is so much easier to say than “Can I have the tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich?” But I can’t have everything. It’s called caprese. Thank you, Andy.

Next time, I need to go buy some sourdough bread. Especially since the bread in our house has been in the freezer for god-knows-how-long. A random thought: I wonder how this would taste with Nutella…?