DK the Human

Curry and Rice

High off my great success at cooking spaghetti, I wanted to continue on in my journey to become Boss Chef DK. This time, Michelle and I decided to cook together at the same time. But how, you ask? We crossed the three hour time zone difference and the thousands of miles of separation through the power of the Internet. Google Hangouts was our weapon of choice, and she taught me how to not cut off my fingers while slicing vegetables (curl your fingers inwards so that your knuckles protrude further out) and pretty much how to not blow up my kitchen while cooking. If you’re in a long distance relationship, you should try this sometime. It’s really fun.



Instructions: - Dice the vegetables into cubes. Try not to cut off any of your fingers. - Put everything into a pot and fill it up with water until the water almost covers everything but not quite. This part was really hard. - Boil until the potatoes taste like potatoes. Don’t ask me what this means. - Break up the curry packet into pieces and add to your pot. - Stir. - Wait. - Stir. - Tada!





Cutting vegetables is hard work. But seriously, you guys.


Dude, I even made my own rice. Come at me bro.


So, so good.