DK the Human

Traveling, the Art of Hit or Miss and the Occasional Bullseye

Walking around indecisively with an unlikely conglomerate of new friends from Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, and Japan and trying doner kebab (vegetarian version, naturally) for the first time.

Watching Peter painfully struggle to translate “bark” into English for a full minute and finding out that the Swedish word for it is also “bark”.

Discussing “The Matrix”, the blue pill and the red pill, the pervasiveness of media and its effect on our thoughts and our perception of beauty and finding ourselves in complete agreement despite coming from completely different backgrounds.

Bobbing my head to Erid serenading the room with a classical guitar, an effortless voice, and popular American songs.

Sharing bottles of white wine and thoughts on the attractiveness of stability (for Molly) and passion (for me) and listening to her nail American accents perfectly thanks to her experience with musical theater.

Meeting people is hands-down the best part of traveling.